david christopher
david christopher
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About Me

hello and how are you doing today?
i hope all is well...

here's the essential introduction, lets see if we cant strike up a conversation...

im an illustrator of all kinds. i paint with oil and acrylic and i do a lot of my work in graphite with mechanical pencils.

i attempt to shine a light on conversations, arguments and discussions that ive had outwardly and inwardly.
i really hope you enjoy my work, thank you for letting me share it with you!

my artwork is currently available through Elevated Thought Productions:www.elevatedthoughtpro.com/ and One of Twenty: oneoftwenty.com/index.html


Dark World Gallery ~

July 3rd is the opening reception to my first solo exhibit!

You can find information on darkworldgallery.com

The show will feature new work, including oil paintings and sculptures.
Come show your support!

Juxtapoze Magazine

juxtapoz magazine's online website will be featuring me, please stop by and check it out. feel free to leave a comment!
follow the link:
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